Safety PageOur commitment to the public is matched by our commitment to workplace and job-site safety.

Keeping our employees informed on every aspect of the construction industry’s standards is paramount to our success. Every aspect of the safety plan we have implemented company wide is a complete reflection of every Standard of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). We are proud to acknowledge that our goals, and management techniques are in true reflection of the efforts of this Administration.

We focus much of our efforts on accident prevention; and it is the corner stone of our company’s safety policy. Our safety policies not only account for each and every employee, foreman, and site manager, but also subcontractors, and customers, as well as the prevention of any wasteful operations, and damage to any equipment and property.

Our foremen hold daily "Tool Box Safety" talks with their crews, and continue these efforts to inform in daily meeting on all job sites. We keep anyone present informed, and effectively trained for any job, and the corresponding safety measures, no matter their role or purpose for being within the vicinity of our job site.

Kuharchik Construction Inc. also offers job hazard analysis to every employee. Our employees are trained from day one to be proactive on our job sites.

We also find it advantageous to offer our employees assorted motivational awards for model safety implementation.

At the end of each month, our foremen meet with our company president to offer safety recommendations. Our supervisors understand their role, and are individually responsible to keep their staff safe, and the area the work within clear of any danger, and compliant with all OSHA Standards.

We keep record of every on site injury if any should occur, and all incidents are immediately reported throughout the organization, discussed at tool box talks, and reported to both the safety office, and all foremen and supervisors.

There are strict penalties up to, and including the immediate dismissal of any employee who does not report any incident.

Drug testing will be employed in the event of any injury, and this includes the testing of any and all employees involved.

Hard hats and many other forms of required protective equipment, is always worn by every employee, as well as by anyone present on any job site, at all times. Additional protection is always available if not required.

We are also a Pennsylvania Department of Transportation flagger trainer certified, for which every staff member holds a valid certification.

CLICK HERE to view our Safety Policy Handbook.