Providing superior Electrical Contracting Services throughout Pennsylvania
since 1973.

We’re Local, We’re Family Owned, and We’re Union!


Our construction company provides commercial quality craftsmanship specializing in the electrical industry. Although our specialties include traffic signal construction, streetscape lighting, and high voltage applications—we do it all.

Kuharchik also prides itself as one of Pennsylvania’s largest providers to municipalities for preventative maintenance, and emergency safeguarding for traffic related incidents.

Starting off in their home garage, Rhoda and Walter Kuharchik worked to build a business that could serve their community’s growing commercial electrical needs.

Kuharchik Construction Inc. is in the area’s niche market in traffic signal construction, street scape lighting, as well as many other high voltage electrical applications. Always striving to meet all local electrical needs, we provide municipalities with preventative maintenance and emergency maintenance for roadway lighting and signals. In order to provide the most up to date technological services, Kuharchik Construction Inc. continues to expand the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). These systems provide motorists with the most up-to-date information on traffic flow, weather advisories, and delays to ensure an efficient commute.

Now a third-generation, family-run business, we are constantly looking to broaden our capabilities through horizontal and vertical integration. Kuharchik Construction Incorporated has excelled forward; introducing our vast electrical experience to residents, businesses, municipalities, cities, boroughs, and government agencies alike. Throughout time, Kuharchik Construction Inc. has maintained a steadfast mission in providing our clients with quality craftsmanship, outstanding service, the treatment of our customers and employees in a respectful and friendly manner, and to be a positive influence in the community.

Kuharchik Construction - About us

Kuharchik Construction, Inc. always exercises the safest and most productive work practices. We believe each employee should have the opportunity to display their skills and abilities, while performing the greatest, and highest quantity of work they can. Our employees are held to strict standards; we do not tolerate tardiness, and each employee must show a willingness to be ready to work to the best of their abilities on any job. Our employees know that each job, and each client, has specific rules to follow.

Kuharchik Construction, Inc. promotes an alcohol and drug-free workplace, which ensures we can all work together in a safe and healthy manner. We pay for 8 hours, when 8 hours work has been successfully accomplished. Our rules enforce notification of any supervising officer, if any employee should need to leave the job site. Our employees know to regard executive directives, especially when the instructions are safe, reasonable, and legitimate. We promote an environment that always respects the rights and property of our clients and coworkers.

After over 40 years in the industry, we are sure to employ the talents and abilities we have attained, and use them to gain a competitive advantage. We believe you should give something back in the same or better condition that it was in when you first received it; therefore, our employees are told to take care of each piece of equipment as if it were their own. We never condone and have strict policies against graffiti, property destruction, personal cell phone use, job slowdowns, and consistently work to promote a positive image for Kuharchik Construction, Inc.




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